At Bradbury Outreach Services we have a distinct advantage of being able to utilise the many Daycare activities on offer from the Bradbury HouseĀ Group.

A working farm spread over 250 acres across the Mendip hills, enables us to provide a wide range of meaningful activities, thus enhancing the scope and range of support we can provide. The farm is designed for people with a with a wide spectrum of learning disabilities and other complex needs. The farm focuses on developing work-based skills and fosters the achievement of new personal goals within a safe environment.

The farm receives around 70 visitors each week; some use the farm as a work placement and attend five days a week, whilst others visit once a week simply to enjoy the benefit of a therapeutic and sociable surroundings. Visitors have a wide scope of needs and range in age. Some people may come from care homes, family homes or supported living houses within the local community.


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